Friday, August 31, 2012

Lemon Coconut Bread for Eggless Baking Group

I love to try out new cakes and breads provided I have a perfect eggless recipe.Working on a egg recipe to make it eggless truly is a challenge for me.I guess that is why I joined this Eggless Baking Group which is Gayatri’s baby.When the challenge for this month was announced, I kept racking my brain, as to what egg substitute should be used in this recipe.I decided to order egg replacer,the safest !!,even though I have never worked with it. unfortunately it was out of what could be my second option? I was dicy about condensed milk...would have to change some I worked with flax seed powder.We dont get ready cream cheese, so decided to make it myself. Well here is my trial with this bread.

¾ cup ..........dry coconut
I used the whole dry one and chopped it into slices
100 gms...... cream cheese
4tbsp ...........sugar pwd
Combine cream cheese , sugar and coconut flakes, mix well.

1cup............ sugar
½ cup ..........soft butter
½ cup ..........milk
3tbsp.......... lemon juice
1tbsp.......... lemon zest
1 ¾ cups... flour
1tsp............ baking pwd
¼ tsp.......... salt
2tbsp......... flax seed pwd dissolved in 6tbsp water
(This is the egg substitute,  replace 1egg with 1tbsp flax seed pwd dissolved in 3 tbsp water)
Preheat oven.
Mix butter , sugar and flax seed mixture.
Beattill creamy.
Add milk, lemon juice and lemon zest.
Continue beating.
Stir in the seived flour along with baking pwd and salt.
Once again beat.
Spoon half of the batter into a loaf tin.
Spread the filling.
Spoon remaining batter over the filling.
Bake for 50-55 minutes at 180deg.
Remove when golden.
Cool  completely.Do not demould till completely cool.
Serve with coconut slices,lemon zest and sugar glaze.
Glaze / Garnish
Coconut slices
½ cup ......sugar
1tsp......... butter
Few dorps water / milk
Mix butter  , sugar and a few drops of water.
Place on fire , let the sugar dissolve and let it reach to the glazing consistency.


The bread turned out amazing, I have always loved citrus flavors, and this lemon flvor was a real hit.The only thing I was not happy about was my mould, I filled it up, a little too much and the silicone mould lost its shape.I had to trim the sides a bit.The edges were a little extra golden, but that did not hamper the taste.The filling tasted absolutely yum!!..To tell the truth , we all relished this bread, yes only the coconut haters...they wanted it without the coconut!!..but I am enjoying the bread, I love munching on it every now and’nt it okay to indulge into such treats once a month?..agree??..Go ahead and make this treat!!

linking it to Bake Fest event by Vardhini and Lets Cook With Fruits by Simply food and Sowmya's Taste of the Tropics , event by Mireille

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sindhi Sai Bhaji - Bhuga Chawara / Spinach with Brown Rice

BM # 19   Day 3

Sai , means green..and Bhaji is sabzi or curry.Sai Bhaji is a popular Sindhi dish which is made at least weekly in  a Sindhi family.The taste of winter Sai Bhaji is absolutely wonderful.One can a dish change its taste according to season?...well the greens are really fresh in winters , and that lends a special taste to this popular dish. Made with spinach and lots of vegetables and  lentil, it surely is a complete meal, where one gets all the nutrition.This bhaji is served with Bhuga Chawara…in other words rice with onions.Our children call these brown rice. The traditional combo is Sindhi Aaloo , but this time I made Aaloo Mattar .
Now to the recipe…

Bhuga Chawara
1tsp........... fried onion
1cup.......... rice
¼ tsp chilly pwd
¼ tsp........ garam masala
Salt to taste
Heat oil. Add washed rice.
Fry for a few minutes and add the fried onion.
Add spices and boiling water.
Transfer to rice cooker.

These are the basic brown rice, but the same rice if guest are coming change…
1................bay leaf
1 ...............stick cinnamon
1-2............ big cardamom, slightly crushed
These three whole spices are added before frying the rice. In normal circumstances we do not add fried onion, we saute’ the onions  till golden and then add rice. Fried onion is used for quick cooking.

 Sai Bhaji
1cup............ mixed vegetables, roughly chopped in chunks
(carrot,bottle gourd, brinjal, potato, onion, cauliflower
1....................onion, roughly chopped
1....................spring onion, chopped (optional)
3 ...................tomatoes, roughly chopped
1cup........... spinach, washed and chopped
1tsp............ methi / kasoori methi
½ cup......... channa daal
¼ tsp.......... red chilly pwd
¼ tsp.......... turmeric pwd
½ tsp ..........coriander pwd
1tsp ............ginger-garlic paste
Put everything in the pressure cooker.
Let it all shrink .
Add some water and close the pressure cooker.
Let cook for 2-3 whistles and then cook on slow fire for 10 mins.Open when the pressure is released.
Mash the bhaji with a pav bhaji masher or a ladle.

 2tsp.......... chopped garlic
Pinch chilly pwd
Heat oil add garlic, let it turn golden.
Add red chilly pwd and temper the Sai Bhaji.

Aaloo Mattar
2............. potatoes
¼ cup.... peas
¼ tsp..... red chilly pwd
¼ tsp..... turmeric pwd
1tsp....... coriander pwd
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pressure cooker.
Add chopped potatoes,frozen thawed peas, all spices.
Give it all a good stir.
Add a little water and cook for 2  whistles.
Open when the pressure is  released.

How I prepared this meal....
The first thing is soaking the chana daal.
Then I cooked rice, it takes just about 5 minutes to wash rice and fry it, after transferring to the rice cooker, you are free to cook the rest of the meal.
Next I prepared the veggies, spinach and potatoes.This takes about 10 minutes.Everything has to be in chunks and roughly chopped.
Both Sai bhaji and Aloo Mattar go in pressure cookers at the same time on two separate burners.The Sai Bhaji will take about 10 minutes,and Aaloo Mattar will be done in just five minutes.
Now the tempering and the salad!!

Sending it to Valli's 30 minute mela ,Sangee's Show me your hits at Cook's Joy

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Malaysian Curry with Stir Fried Noodles / Rice

BM # 19   Day 2

Recently I have been  wanting to try some international cuisine.Getting vegetarian recipes  which would be liked by the family is rather tough. All the same my interest becomes more challenging and search more frantic.Well, since I know a curry would pass off easily tried my hands on Malaysian Curry with Stir Fried Noodles.Dried spices freqently used in Malay cooking  are  fennel,cumin  ,coriander. Other  dried spices used are  cloves,fenugreek,cardamon,star anise,cinnamon,musturd seeds and nutmeg. 

Both fresh and dried ingredients are ground together to form a spice paste called rempah.Coconut milk is the base of Malay dishes,these are not typically hot.The dishes are aromatically spiced and coconut milk is added to lend a creamy flavor and richness.Tamamrind pulp is a key element in many Malay dishes for adding that tangy taste.

Coming to my version of curry...naturally it is coconut based with sweet and tangy flavor and served with Stir Fried Noodles. Since my hubby avoids refined flour products I made some Stir Fried Rice too.The curry tasted awsum and my recipe was 
rated*****...yes 5 stars , which means I have to make this more often.
Here is the recipe......

6 ..........onion shallots potatoes
6...........cauliflower / broccoli flowerets
6.......... rectangle pieces of paneer / tofu
1 tsp... oil
2tsp.... red chiily garlic paste
2tsp.... curry pwd
2tbsp...tamarind pulp
1tsp......brown sugar
Salt to taste

Boil and peel the potatoes.
Lightly boil the cauliflower.
Heat oil in a pan.
Roast the chilly garlic paste.
Add the vegetables and paneer and saute’.
Add coconut milk..
Add curry pwd and cook for a few minutes.
Mix cornflour with some water and add this to the curry.
Check the consistency,if you feel you need to add more water do so.
Add tamarind pulp and brown sugar.
Switch off the gas.
Add salt.
Garnish with parsley / coriander and chilly flakes.

curry served with noodles

Stir Fried Noodles / Rice
1cup........ boiled noodles / rice
1tsp.......... oil
1tsp.......... roasted garlic / finely chopped garlic  /fresh garlic
½ cup....... parsley / coriander
Chilly flakes
Salt to taste
Heat oil in a pan.
Add garlic and parsley.saute’.
Add noodles / rice .toss .
Sprinkle chilly flakes.
Serve  noodles  / rice with curry.
curry served with rice

How I prepared this meal............
Place the noodles to boil, using hot water from the kettle.
Microwave the cauliflower and potatoes.
I used ready made tamarind pulp and ready made roasted garlic.
While the veggies are being done prepare the tempering for curry and noodles and then Do the mixing of both curry and noodles.
Trust me your meal shall be done in less than 30 minutes.
If you make rice and noodles both it shall just take another 5 minutes, you just have to wash rice and add to the rice cooker.The tempering for rice and noodles is same.

Sending it to Valli's 30 minute mela ,Sangee's Show me your hits at Cook's Joy

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Methi Mattar wara Chawaran / Fenugreek, Peas Pulao

BM # 19   Day 1

For the last week of this BM , I shall make meals which shall be cooked in  almost 30 minutes, may be less!! Cooking requires a little bit of planning and it is done in a jiffy.I normally work with 3 burners at one go.The microwave and the kettle help in reducing the cooking time.

The first day…I have a typical Sindhi winter lunch. Winters is the time when we have loads of fresh green garlic and fenugreek, so we make these absolutely delicious rice. They just need a raita or curd to go along but all Sindhi’s are very fond of potatoes, so its kind of a  ritual to make them. I also made some karonda stir fry. These are little berries, which are tangy and used in pickles.To know more on karonda check  here. Chaas, papad and pickle accompany the wonderful meal.

1tsp.......... mustard seeds
1tsp ..........garlic chopped
1tsp.......... green chilly, chopped
¼ cup....... fresh methi leaves chopped / kasoori methi*
¼ cup....... frozen green peas
1cup .........rice
¼ tsp......... turmeric pwd
Salt to taste
Heat oil.
Add mustard seeds. Let splutter.
Add garlic,let it turn golden.
Add green chilly and methi leaves.Let them wilt.
Add rice ,peas, and spices.
Add boiled water and transfer to rice cooker.

Karonda Stir Fry
Adding a drop of oil in a pan add karondas , and one or two whole green chilly.
Add some salt and cover and cook for about 5 minutes.

How I prepared this meal
Wash rice, put the kettle to boil.prepare the tempering for rice and transfer to rice cooker. The tempering shall take about 10 minutes, since you have to prepare fresh methi.
*we use kasoori methi and dry garlic in summers for the same rice.
also fresh green peas can be used in season.
while the rice is being cooked, make the potatoes and the karonda stir fry.
The potatoes are going to be cooked on slow fire , so in the mean time chaas  and papad can be made.
The rice shall take about 20 minutes and in the meantime potatoes will be done too.
Your lunch is ready!!

Sending it to Valli's 30 minute mela ,Sangee's Show me your hits at Cook's Joy

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


BM # 19   Day 3

Like every year this Raksha Bandhan I went to the Blind Girls Association to do some designing for their raakhis. This time I saw students there who had come from Brazil,  for  a rural project. At the association, the girls  and the staff converse in Guajarati, English for them is like a alien language. They know the basic thank you, good morning etc .So when I went there the staff was really glad as the  students wanted to ask the whereabouts of some products they wanted to buy one of them being condensed milk. Now a foodie wondered condensed milk for what? 18 year old girl said she wanted to make a dessert from Brazil. My first question was is it with eggs…She said....No!!..great !!..she gave me the recipe it sounded super simple and delicious. 

raakhis designed by me..made by blind girls.....

I took a trial right away……
1tin .............condensed milk
1tbsp......... butter
2tbsp......... cocoa pwd
Chocolate vermicelli for rolling
Empty the condensed milk can in a non stick pan.
Place this to cook.
Add butter.
Add cocoa pwd.
Keep stirring constantly, scraping the sides now and then.
Cook till it becomes a thick mass.
Remove on a plate and cool.
With greased hands make small balls.
Roll these balls into vermicelli.
Chill and serve.

The Brigadeiros turned out really yummy . I tried making a few with coconut instead of vermicelli, even these tasted great.These are served at almost all functions in Brazil. The prepared chocolate can also be used for filling tarts or sandwiching cakes. Ain’t that interesting!!..quick to make these will be loved by all kids and adults.

Sending these to Kids Delight an event by Srivalli, hosted by me at Ribbon's to Pasta's.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chocolate Granola Squares

BM # 19   Day 2

Granola bars have become a good option for breakfast and since I love chocolate..I try to add it in most of the sweet stuff. Strange but my little two year grandson is a granola I sometimes give it that chocolate look .My daughter is happy to see the little one eating these healthy bites instead of that chunky chocolate bar.

¼ cup ........... butter
¼ cup............ honey
1/3 cup.......... brown sugar
2cups............ rolling oats
1cup ..............corn flakes
½ tsp............. vanilla extract
1cup ..............mixed nuts of your choice(I used almonds, hazel nuts and walnuts)
2-3 tsp.......... orange juice
Few fresh dried fruit (I had a bag of these with apples, kiwis, strawberry and a whole lot more) optional
½ cup.......... choclate
Mix the cereal, oats and nuts and roast for a few minutes.
Mix butter, honey ,brown sugar and orange juice.
Melt these over low heat.
Add vanilla extract.
Add the roasted ingredients  to the liquid ingredients and mix well.
Let stand a minute or two.
Transfer to a flat tray .
Put a layer of fresh dried fruits.
Appling weight ,pressing  it down so no air pockets remain.
Apply a thin layer of melted chocolate and place in the frig to set.
Remove after an hour.
Cut into squares.

Sending these to Srivalli's Kid's Delight an event hosted by me at Ribbon's to Pasta's


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Friday, August 17, 2012

Trifle Pudding for a Crowd

BM # 19   Day 1

Another week starts and for this week I have chosen Chocolate as my theme.I guess you all are aware that I am hosting Srivalli's Kid's Delight for this month which runs from 15th Aug -15th Sept. Do send in your entries . Must tell you there is a surprise giveaway too...this being my first event.

For today I have chosen to share my Trifle Pudding recipe.The recipe is simple but a special one.Our friend’s son was getting married and the venue was our Banquet hall.I took charge of this pudding which was to be served to 150 people. I wanted to bake the cake myself too, but ordered it , as I wanted to enjoy the pre wedding functions too.To make individual servings was a little tedious ,specially with the heat of Indian summer. Anyway I decided to make 100 servings as there was too much food  plus another dessert. I ordered 5kgs cake , used  2 litre milk for vanilla custard, 1kg fresh cream and about 5kg fresh and tinned fruit. I used the plastic disposable glasses to serve.

What you need is….
Chocolate cake
Fruit syrup
Fresh  sweetened whipped cream with  vanilla extract
Mixed fruit
Chocolate cake
Fruit syrup
Vanilla custard
Garnish with fresh cream and cherry.
This is the sequence in which I made  the pudding .
You can use any cake.cut rounds from cake for that even look in the glasses.
The syrup I used was from the pineapple and cherry tins.
The fruits I used
Fresh mango
Fresh seedless grapes
Tinned pineapple
Tinned pitted cherry
(this combination is  one of the best, but you can make your own combination)

Vanilla custard
½ lt............ milk
3tbsp ........custard pwd
Sugar to taste
Boil milk.
Add sugar.
Dissolve custard pwd in cold milk.
Add the dissolved custard to the boiling milk.
Stir continuously, till thick.
I made the custard a little thick.
Chill at least 2 hours.
This is the basic custurd recipe which I follow. It can be multiplied.

This trifle turned out absolutely fantastic. The cake and cream were over, but I was left with some fruits and probably a small bowl of custurd. The guests were really happy and specially the groom, he was touched that I had put in that special effort and made the dessert personally, where I could have actually ordered  my staff.

Sending these to Srivalli's Kids Delight hosted by me at Ribbon's to Pasta's.


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